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Fédération de Recherche FéRI-2

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The FeRI-2 is a scientific animation network gathering 300 researchers, teacher-researchers and other
permanent staff in the Région Centre Val de Loire in France. We all work in research units and technology platforms
with the goal to fight against infectious diseases of humans and farm animals in link with the “One health
concept”1. The Féri-2 is well recognized at the local and national level and our main ambition is now to
expend our scientific network at the European scale. Such an extension will require to strengthen existing
partnerships and create new links between FeRI-2 and European teams and/or industrial partners working in
the field of infectious diseases.


Tasks and activities
1- Assist the FeRI-2 directors in leading the network
o Organize the meetings of the FeRI-2 steering committee
o Collect et disseminate information through the network
o Launch and follow the FeRI-2 calls for proposals with the steering committee
o Participate to the organization of the annual FeRI-2 Scientific days
2- Develop the European leadership of the FeRI-2 network
o Monitor the calls for proposals from the European Union and inform the FeRI-2 teams
o Help the FeRI-2 teams to identify potential European partners to answer to EU calls
o Promote FeRI-2 activities amongst relevant EU bodies (with the support of dedicated
services from Région Centre Val de Loire, INRA and Tours University)
3- Foster new partnerships between FeRI-2 teams and industry in the field of human and veterinary
o Involve relevant companies of any size in the various activities of the FeRI-2 network
(annual FeRI-2 Scientific days, symposia…)
o Organize 2 international symposia with the private sector to strengthen the relationships with
the FeRI-2 teams (2020 and 2022)
o Promote the FeRI-2 network in national and international events where companies working
in the field of infectious diseases are well represented